2013, Year of the Smartwatch?

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PHOENIX -- Some of you might recall the old Dick Tracy cartoon show with the crime-busting detective using his futuristic wrist phone.

But the Dick Tracy era is here. Today, there's a new category of wearable technology like the Pebble smartwatch, getpebble.com.

"The idea came actually from when I was cycling and I had my phone in my pocket and I wanted to see what was happening on my phone," said Eric Migicovsky, the inventor of the Pebble.

It works by connecting to your smartphone via Bluetooth so all those calls, e-mails and texts show up right on your wrist. You can actually feel it vibrating. That can come in handy when it's tough to reach for your cellphone. 

There are other smartwatches out there. The Metawatch by Nokia and Fossil as well as the Sony smartwatch. And as you might expect, Apple isn't going to be outdone. The company is rumored to be working on an iWatch that could debut in the not-too-distant future.

All those gadgets along with the Google glass eyewear are taking the future of consumer electronics to an entirely new level.