Green & Clean: How To Dispose Of Your Spring Cleaning Clutter

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As your muddle through your Spring cleaning piles, do you know where to take your stuff that is earth-friendly and sometimes profitable?  Since our family just conquered a lot of our Spring cleaning list, I decided that I would share with you what I learned when it came to where to sell furniture, how to wipe a computer clean for resale, the best way to dispose of old beat-up hangers and more.  So take a look at our list because you can be green, both earth-wise and pocketbook-wise with some of these ideas.  And I also include a bit of helpful information on how to get the kids motivated, so I will start with that.

Kid Friendly Ideas To Motivate Them To Help:

* is a great and free website for get organized tips and tools.  Check the site for starter to do lists, lists for kids, and how to use their free online calendar to help you tackle spring cleaning.  The lists also have boxes on the left hand column so your family can check off the jobs as they go.  Check out this helpful free website at  I swear by it and in fact my professional organizer is the one who first told me about this months ago.

*Motivate kids with one promised item that will reward their Spring cleaning work and also enhance the final project.  For example, we spent our Spring break Spring cleaning and organizing this year instead of taking a fun trip.  To get my family on board, I told them to each select an item that they would want to place in the finished room that we were organizing.  I love how hard they worked and I love their selections.  My teenage boy chose a poker table and my tween girl selected a sewing table.  I got both discounted on Amazon and both items look great in the new kid activity room that we cleaned out, painted and remodeled.  I must give credit where credit is professional organizer, Bridget with D.O.A. Interiors at drew up the plans, gave my family our to do list and she did the painting, too.   I highly recommend her! 

Green & Clean Disposal/Consignment/Donate List:

*For those old computers, contact Roman Acevedo with ra Digital at to have him wipe the computer clean.  Cost is $75 and then you can sell the computer on EBay.  Roman will check out the computer and let you know if it is worth selling. You can call him directly at 602-908-3128.

*Hangers don't have to be thrown away.  Keep them out of the landfill because Goodwill will take bags and bags of old beat-up hangers.  I was thrilled to discover this!  And check out the Standing Hanger Holder Chrome from for $17.92.  Not only does it keep all of your loose hangers in one place, but it also looks nice in your closet.  I would have never thought of this idea, so this is one of my favorite suggestions that the professional organizer gave me.

*If you are looking to sell furniture, antiques and more, I've had good luck with two local companies who will come to your home, pay you on the spot and take the furniture off.  Established Buyers at was great to work with from start to finish.  They purchased my daughter's trundle bed from me for $100 and I was happy to get that because I kept the main mattress and the bed wasn't in perfect condition.  They had me email them a picture of the bed and he contacted me 20 minutes later, which impressed me.  Then they worked around my hectic schedule and came to get the bed at 7pm on a weeknight.  I received the check right away. 

The other local company that I have worked with is J&K Furniture at  I had a similar experience with them a few years ago and they also have you email in a picture of what you want to sell.

*Take your old VHS tapes to Costco and they will transfer them to DVD for $17.99 for up to two tapes and two hours of footage.  For more information visit

*For bulk trash information, go to and put in your zip code and they will tell you when your neighborhood's next pick-up date is scheduled to happen plus they come out four times a year. 

*For a list of charities that will pick up items from your home, check out my professional organizer's website page at  She has the list and the links.

*Good consignment stores in the Valley that I've had good luck with are Turn Style and My Sister's Closet for my clothes and for the kids I love LoveChild in Tempe and HissyFits with stores in Scottsdale and in Phoenix.

*I highly recommend using a local handyman in your neighborhood community, but a national handyman service that I have mixed reviews about is Mr. Handyman at  I liked that they are very professional and can do a large variety of jobs, but it will cost you.  It was very expensive to have the national brand come versus a local expert....but they did do a great job.

*I also learned that we can now recycle our paper shreddings.  Just place in clear plastic bag and place in the blue bin.  For more information on what to go in the blue bin call 602-262-7251.

So hopefully you are able to use this list to streamline your own Spring cleaning and let us know if you have some good suggestions, too.   Share here in the comments section and be sure to visit my website at for more home & garden makeovers, recipes, pet stuff, parenting talk, beauty news and more.  Happy Spring Cleaning!