Phoenix weather: Warm Easter weekend

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PHOENIX -- High clouds continue to stream into Arizona Thursday, but it's still expected to be a fairly warm day across the state. 

The cirrus clouds are coming from a plume of subtropical moisture coming in from the southwest, but there is not enough mositure for any rain.  Under partly sunny skies, the Valley should warm to the mid 80s today, with temperatures dipping to the low 60s tonight. 

Tomorrow and all weekend, we'll see periods of high clouds and more above-average temperatures. Both Saturday and Sunday should bring upper 80s to the Valley and 60s and 70s to the high country.

Sunday morning temperatures should be mild in the mid 60s, making for a pleasant Easter morning. Sunday afternoon could bring some breezy weather, as a storm system passes by to our north. 

Temperatures will drop to the 70s Monday as the storm brings some cooler air into the state. 

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