Scottsdale police officer fatally shoots man while investigating neighborhood dispute

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. -- A Scottsdale police officer fatally shot a man Wednesday evening after responding to a dispute between two neighbors.

Police said they responded to a neighborhood near Osborn Road and 87th Street after a woman called to report that she had gotten into a verbal altercation with a man who lived across the street from her.  Apparently the two had an ongoing feud about who gets to park where on the street.

Officer Nathan Mullins showed up and had just started looking for the man involved when that man, now identified as  Preston Phillips Jr., pulled up in a white SUV.  As Mullins walked toward the driver's side of the SUV, Phillips, 72, pulled out a handgun and started waving it and threatening him.

Mullins,a seven-year-veteran of the force, responded by backing up and firing his gun at the vehicle.

Police approached the SUV after more officers arrived and discovered that Phillips had died from gunshot wounds.

Police said Thursday morning that it does not look like Phillips fired his weapon.

Mullins has been placed on leave per the Scottsdale Police Department’s policy.