Pizzeria owner believes error by Yelp sliced profits

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

CHANDLER, Ariz. -- Restaurants survive with good food, clean kitchens and good customer service, but inaccurate information on the Internet could ruin all of that.

Like a lot of restaurants across the Valley, there's always something cooking here in Chandler.

"We've been open since December 2011." 

Giuseppe Miele owns this pizzeria called Amalfi's just off Alma School and Chandler Heights.

"Italian food and pizza. Can you hear the accent? Ha ha," joked Giuseppe.

Giuseppe is still developing a clientele. But that's been challenging he says because just after opening up, he started having problems with Yelp, which is an online guide that helps people find places to eat.

Giuseppe says when consumers use their mobile devices to find Amalfi’s, Yelp tells them that the restaurant is closed, and that's bad for any restaurant.

"It just says it's closed like if we are out of business," he explained.

For eight months Giuseppe says he's tried asking Yelp to fix the problem, but he gets nowhere.

"I made several contacts with them through email, through telephone and they just don't get back to me, nothing,"Giuseppe remarked.

Giuseppe says customers routinely come in telling him they thought he was closed. So, Giuseppe contacted 3 on your side.

We got a hold of Yelp and not only did they reply to us, they immediately fixed the problem by giving detailed information on when the restaurant is open. 

Giuseppe, as you can imagine, is a lot happier knowing that consumers won't think his restaurant is closed.

"I can't believe I have been working on this thing for about eight months, here comes 3 On Your Side, 30 minutes and it's been resolved, amazing!" Giuseppe proclaimed.

Yelp never did tell us how they came up with that "closed" information but they jumped right on it and corrected it when 3 On Your Side brought it to their attention and we appreciate it.