Making Burlap Wreaths

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Lisa called it!  Toward the end of last year, Lisa started talking to me about finding burlap ribbon.  She was adding touches to her home décor and little did I know that she was on to something big!

Burlap is one of the hottest touches to home décor this spring that you can find.  So, I wanted to start simple but HOT!  Burlap wreaths can sell at retail for more than $120 - $150.   And guess what, they are so easy and so inexpensive to make.

Watch the segment for the how-to – it’s the best way to figure it out but here are a few of the details:

What you need:

Burlap ribbon – 4” wide by 10’ rolls.  I used about 12 feet of ribbon for a plump and fluffy wreath. You could probably make one with the 10 feet on the roll so if you’re on  a strict budget one roll could do it.  Otherwise, grab 2 rolls and go for it.

I found burlap ribbon in natural at Michael’s – rolls are $6.99.  I also found a lot of colors for about the same price at Hobby Lobby.  (Both stores I went to are near Tatum and Shea in Scottsdale.)

Wire wreath form.  These run about $2.50 and are available at any craft store in the floral department.  They come in a variety of sizes – the ones I showed were medium in size.  I also found heart shaped ones at Hobby Lobby.  Our producer Charlene, thought these burlap wreaths would be great as a square.  So look for one of those.   Look in the floral departments for these wire forms.

The number one tip I learned:

Remember to tuck or tie your end to the wreath form with the ribbon coming out of the top THEN bring the roll through the wreath form center toward the floor.  This will allow you to build the wreath by tucking the loops UP through the form toward you.  This makes a secure and easy to form wreath.


The really fun part.  I was planning on putting my wreaths indoors so I simply tucked the decorations into my wreath loops.  This made it easily interchangeable all year for all holidays.  For more security you can also use some twine or florist wire to tie things in it.  The beauty of this project is that you can just use a single flower or little decorating tidbit that you have around the house.  The wreath itself is so pretty and organic looking you need very little to dress it up.

Try making one – you’ll love it.

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