Despite long odds, people excited for Saturday's Powerball drawing

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

PHOENIX -- The bank account of one lucky individual is going to get a whole lot larger this weekend.

Saturday night there will be another Powerball drawing, and this week’s jackpot is a staggering $320 million.

Arizona has already had two jackpot winners this year, but what are your chances of becoming the third?

Unfortunately, your odds of winning are just one in 175,000,000, meaning you should probably wait until after the winning numbers are drawn before deciding if you should quit your job.

To help keep things in perspective, you have a better chance of becoming an astronaut or giving birth to identical quadruplets.

You even have a better chance of becoming President of the United States, which is a one in 88,000 chance.

Despite the long odds, people aren’t giving up hope that this will be the weekend their life changes forever.

Brenden Kumpf just arrived in Phoenix from New York, and said he’s confident he’s got the winning numbers.

“I got a fortune cookie that I left New York with, that’s going to be the winning numbers.”