Walmart using 'Scan & Go' in Phoenix

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

PHOENIX -- Walmart has a new way to get you in and out of the store a little faster by skipping the checkout line.

After downloading a special Walmart app on your iPhone, you'll have somewhat of a different shopping experience that's supposed to be more convenient.

3 On Your Side used the app. at the Walmart on Happy Valley Road and Interstate 17 to see how it works.

You can use the app on your iPhone to scan the bar code on various items and then just drop them in your cart.  As you scan, the app keeps a running a tally of your bill so you avoid sticker shock at checkout.

When you're done shopping, take your grocery cart with all of your items to a special kiosk, hold up your phone to the computer and pay what you owe.

Sounds easy, and for those who might be less than honest at the checkout, Heather Knopf is the operations assistant manager at the Walmart retail store on Happy Valley road.

She says it has staff and security measures in place. 

"There’s a certain percentage of people who will receive a quality alert and that's when an attendant will come up and will double check the items that are rung up," said Knopf.

Right now, this is only available for iPhones, but in the next few months it should be available for Android users.

Right now only 200 Walmarts in the U.S. are allowing the app.