Small tire store taken by salesman

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PHOENIX -- Liliana Salas says she's proud of the small tire shop where she's employed. 

"We're a tire shop that helps out people. We have lower prices on tires, alignments, mechanics," Salas said.

But Salas admits that it's tough to compete against the big name companies.

So when a salesman walked into her shop and promised to increase business with an advertising campaign, it sounded like just what the business needed. 

"A website, he'd print cards, I guess t-shirts, posters," Salas explained to 3 On Your Side.

The guy who offered that aggressive advertising campaign is Mitchell Eason.  His picture was easy for 3 On Your Side to find because he's been arrested before on drug charges.

Eason claims to run a company called Eason Consulting, and Salas says he persuaded her to hand over $500 for his big advertising idea. 

"We gave him his check and he said he was gonna communicate with us again and he never did, he just disappeared," Salas said.

3 On Your Side tried contacting Eason on the telephone, but he immediately hung up.

So, 3 On Your Side went to a couple of addresses where he's known to hang out.  But good 'ol Eason is pretty good about pulling that disappearing act. 

Every time we went to a location, he was never around and he never returned phone calls where our business cards were left.

Liliana said she wants to get the word out to other businesses and to tell them don't be so quick to hand over money. 

"It's not very funny for other people that work hard and they try their best and the other people take advantage of that," she stated.

Using a credit card would have protected the tire store in this situation. 

With that in mind, be cautious if anyone demands payment in the form of cash or a check for any transaction. There is usually little recourse.