Issues to avoid and resolve when buying a new car

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

PHOENIX -- New auto sales are starting to inch up as consumers gain a little more confidence. But take your time before jumping into a new car.

When it comes to buying a new car, it's easy to get revved up with excitement. A new look, feel and smell can take your emotions from zero to 60 in no time.

But Felicia Thompson with the Better Business Bureau here in Phoenix says the new car experience can be anything but thrilling for some Arizonans.

"In 2012 we received a little over a thousand complaints against new auto dealerships in central, northern and western Arizona," said Thompson.

And nationwide, the BBB received more than 33,000 complaints regarding new car dealers. Of those complaints, 27 percent dealt with "buyer’s remorse" or consumers who tried to return a car. 

Remember, once you sign the paperwork, the car is yours.

"I think the most common complaint is again what we perceive as consumers allege is a misunderstanding what was said verbally and what was in the contract and that gets into a whole other situation about he said she said, but it comes down to as a consumer you have to be prepared know what you're getting yourself into," added Thompson.

Twenty-two percent of complaints were related to selling practices. Basically getting talked into a car you actually may not want.

"One of the things we do suggest is if you're able to go during the day so you can see the car in its entirety, look for any marks or damages," advised Thompson.

Eighteen percent of complaints were related to customer service issues, while 12 percent were about repairs. And about 10 percent of complaints were regarding advertising.

"It's so important you make sure you get all the issues addressed before you take it off the lot because once you do the priority to get those, the urgency to get those issues fixed might not be priority, so it's important to make sure your satisfied with your product before you leave the, the car lots," Thompson said.

Finally, two things to remember. When buying a car try to secure your financing at a credit union or bank before you even begin to shop. That eliminates a lot of problems.

And number two, sleep on it. Make a deal and if you're still comfortable with the deal the next day, go for it.