Video: GOP leader compares Brewer to Judas

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By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland

PHOENIX -- If you want a real taste of how nasty the fight over Gov. Jan Brewer's plan to expand health care has gotten, check out this video from last night at the state Capitol.  

In it, the leader of the Maricopa County Republican Committee, A.J. LaFaro, compares Brewer to one of history's most notorious traitors, Judas.

LaFaro was speaking out at the committee hearing against Brewer's efforts to buy into the Affordable Care Act (known as ObamaCare) and expand coverage for roughly 300,000 people in Arizona.

"My last comment in closing, and I hate to say it," he said in the packed committee room. "Jesus had Judas and Republicans have Governor Brewer."

Groans from the audience were immediately heard as LaFaro left the hearing room.

Like many Republicans, Brewer opposed President Obama's heath care plan in 2010. She even made her opposition to it a central tenant of her 2010 election campaign.

She stunned many  in January when she announced that the state had no other options but to move forward with the president's plan, saying at the time that, "elections have consequences," and, "(ObamaCare) is the law of the land."

LaFaro used his position Wednesday to warn GOP lawmakers that rank-and-file members are strongly opposed to the Affordable Care Act. So far, most Democrats at the Capitol support  Brewer's plan as do many middle of the road Republicans.

However, the more conservative wing of the party is standing up to Brewer because they believe healthcare expansion could potentially bankrupt the state and add more to the growing national debt.