Portland charity spoofs Macklemores Thrift Shop

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PORTLAND – A Portland charity has created a parody video based on of Seattle rapper Mackelmore's huge hit "Thrift Shop."

Albertina Kerr offers help for children, adults and families with mental challenges and developmental disabilities. Kerr Thrift Shop volunteers had some serious fun making the video (watch below), for a good cause.

Local singer Laura Ivancie makes an appearance in the video, the rest of the cast is made up of volunteers.

“I haven’t laughed that hard in a while,” she said. “Once we started rolling they really loosened up.”

Kerr spokeswoman Amy Miner came up with the idea. But she said the original song’s curse words were definitely out. In some cases they were replaced with tongue-twisters.

One challenge, she said: “Getting developmental disabilities to rhyme and sound good in the song.”

“Well, I was really surprised,” Miner said of the finished product. “I couldn’t believe how great it was!”

Jackie Willhite said she had never heard of Macklemore or his hit song. But she does know fashion; she's been volunteering at the real-life Portland thrift shop for 18 years.

She figures, as far as videos go, she's a one-hit wonder. But she said she’s always available if you're “looking for a come-up.”