Maricopa woman wins $1M Powerball with husband's old numbers

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PHOENIX --  David Raveles' second home is the Fry's Superstore in Maricopa. But of the many days he has spent roaming the aisles helping customers, one stands out as extraordinary.

"Yes it was, very much so!" he said.

It was late January, and people were lining up to buy their Powerball tickets for the big drawing. A few days later, the store found it was lucky!

"We that we realized 'Hey, we got a million dollar winner here!' I even checked my ticket...we all  checked our tickets!" he said.

But it was a customer who won big, and the older woman brought her ticket to these ladies at the customer counter the very next week.

"They looked at me and said 'Hey, this is the lady that won the million dollars!" said Raveles. "It was a nice feeling just to see someone winning, and her telling her story really made a big difference. 

"I think she said something along the lines of her husband was watching over her," he said.

The story still gives Raveles the chills, and it gives today's Powerball players hope! Staff at Fry's say this mystery woman was a regular, but they haven't seen her back in the store since the night she won. Still, the magic of that evening is a lasting memory.

"It was a feeling. That one I won't forget!" Raveles said.