Prescott Valley police accused of letting relatives slide on photo radar citations

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By Mike Gertzman By Mike Gertzman

PRESCOTT VALLEY, Ariz.. -- No one likes seeing the flash of a photo radar camera catching them speeding but in Prescott Valley, a recent investigation shows some drivers didn't have to worry.
On at least 22 occasions, drivers may have gotten off without getting cited because they were family members of Prescott Valley police officers.
Police spokesman Sgt. Brandon Bonney said the wife of Sgt. Mark Postula may have been caught breaking traffic laws seven times in the past four years without paying the price. Now, Postula and Lt. Wayne Nelson, as well as other officers, are under investigation for letting family members and police department employees skate on traffic law violations.
Mayor Harvey Skoog said that type of conduct will not be tolerated in his town because it causes citizens to question other work done by the Police Department.
Town Manager Larry Tarkowski said the purpose of photo radar is to keep Prescott Valley safer and he wants all to know that the only revenue the town receives from photo radar citations goes into operating the system itself.
This Thursday, the Town Council and mayor will discuss the investigation into the Police Department and if a contract will be renewed this year with the company that operates the photo radar system.