Glitch zeros out Chase customers' checking, savings accounts

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By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland

PHOENIX -- If you have a bank account with Chase, you might have gotten quite a scare when checking you balance online or with your mobile device.

For several hours Monday, millions of Chase customers throughout the country saw zero balances in their checking and savings accounts.

While speculation about the source of the issue ran rampant, Chase said the problem was caused by an internal glitch and had nothing to do with hackers.

"We have a technology problem regarding customers' balance information," Chase said in a statement. "It has nothing to do with cyber threats. It is an internal issue. We are very sorry to our customers for the inconvenience. …"

Chase used its @ChaseSupport Twitter account to keep customers up-to-date.

The bank was able to fix the problem by about 7:30 p.m.

Chase has not said exactly how many customers were affected and has not elaborated on the glitch that cause the problem, saying only that it has been resolved, customers' accounts are secure and their money is exactly where it should be.