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Treating & Preventing Reflux, Heartburn Naturally
Theresa Ramsey, N.M.D., The Center for Natural Healing
To make your appointment with The Center for Natural Healing call 480-970-0077 or visit

Must Have Essentials In Your Closet
Rochelle York, Personal Stylist
Want to know more about Rochelle York’s Must Have Essentials In Your Closet? Visit or call 480-306-6026.  Be sure to also like Rochelle on Facebook at Check out Rochelle  at MIM Rocks Fashion, March 29th at 7pm

Highland Dancers - 49th Annual Arizona Scottish Gathering & Highland Games
Elizabeth Reich, Arizona Highland Dance Academy, Owner/ Instructor
Robert Anderson, Alliance Beverage

The 49th Annual Arizona Scottish Gathering & Highland Games is happening March 23 &  24 AT Steele Indian School Park located at 300 E Indian School Rd in Phoenix .Visit

Steelhead Fish Tacos with Mango Salsa and Coleslaw
Chef Maggie Norris, Whisked Away Cooking School
For more information on Chef Maggie Norris visit  or call 480-330-6525

Lawson Family Plumbing
Visit or call 480-302-9928

Arizona Energy Pros - Home Efficiency, Comfort & Health
Patrick White
With the purchase of an energy audit, you will also receive a free ceiling fan,plus 10 cfl light bulbs, a low flow shower heard and 3 sink aerators. For more information on how you can have your home working more efficiently for you with an energy audit from  Arizona Energy Pros call 602-633-5580 or visit

Spencer's TV & Appliance
For more information on Spencer’s TV & Appliance please visit or call 480-777-7103

SheriAnne Nelson
For more information on SheriAnne’s fitness tips visit or call 480-330-3763

Pew Law Center, PLLC - Bankruptcy Secrets
Lawrence “D” Pew
For more information on the release of Mr. Pew’s first book Bankruptcy Secrets  “They” Don’t Want You To Know can be found at or by calling 602-272-1000