Looking for love? Try these airports

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PHOENIX -- Romance probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when people think about an airport.

But more and more people these days are finding someone special as they prepare to travel the friendly skies.

Meetattheairport.com recently conducted a survey to determine which airports across the country are the most conducive to romance.

In compiling their list, meetattheairport.com took into account such factors as the number of restaurants, the size of the airport, and the number of flight delays, which allow for more time to socialize.

So which airports should you be visiting if you’re looking for love?

Florida would be a good place to start.

Orlando International Airport checked in at number one thanks to its large collection of restaurants and bars.

Orlando’s airport also features a Hyatt Regency Hotel inside the main terminal, providing potential couples with a place to escape should the sparks really start to fly.

Miami International Airport comes in at number two on the list due to their large mix of international travelers.

Rounding out the top five are Newark Liberty International Airport, Boston’s Logan International Airport, and Philadelphia International Airport.