Tuna Steak with Sweet and Sour Caponata

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Servings 4

•  1 lb tuna
•  3 ½ oz onion
•  3 ½ oz eggplant
•  3 ½ oz zucchini
•  3 ½ oz red pepper
•  1 oz raisins
•  1 oz pine nuts
•  1 oz pistachios
•  1 tablespoon white balsamic vinegar
•  1 oz sugar
•  1 clove of garlic
•  1 pinch salt
•  black pepper to taste
•  extra virgin olive oil to taste
•  spring of rosemary
•  fresh basil

In Caponata, eggplants are traditionally deep fried to gain more flavor. Deep fried eggplant cubes are added to the other ingredients only at the end.

In a frying pan pour a little bit of extra virgin olive oil, and start sautee the red onion first, then red pepper and, at last, the zucchini. After a 3 or 4 minutes minutes we can add the other ingredients: capers, sultanas, pine nuts, sugar, white vinegar, pistachios, and the deep fried eggplant. Once the Caponata is ready, put it at rest in a warm place, and move on to the Tuna steak.

The tuna steak should be at least 1 inch thick to be correctly seared. To prepare the steak, season the steak with salt and pepper. In a frying pan put some Italian extra virgin olive oil, crushed garlic (to be removed later), spring of fresh rosemary and sears the tuna steak with 1 minute cooking time per side approx.When the tuna steak is seared, it can be served as a whole steak, or cut into slices.

As a final preparation and serving tip, use a tin stamp to serve the caponata on the side of the dish, while serving the sliced seared tuna steak on the other side.