Phoenix company gives iconic red cup classy makeover

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By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland
By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland
By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland
By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland
By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland

PHOENIX -- A party isn't a party without those ubiquitous red Solo cups. Just ask country singer Toby Keith -- and pretty much anyone who has even been to a barbecue, a college party or even just a casual after-work get-together. Now Phoenix-based Red Cup Living is giving those plain ol' cups a super stylish upgrade, and we're not just talking about looks.

Founders Mike and Katy Romley said they came up with the idea at one of their many patio parties -- parties at which people raised a red cup.

"Regardless of what was in the red cup, it was a sign of a fun, spontaneous get-together. A time to talk, connect and just relax from a long week," they say on their website. "After a while, it became clear that the red cup and patio parties were a way of life, a philosophy – we call it Red Cup Living®."

According to Red Cup Living, the red cup made famous by Solo isn't just an icon, it's a "cultural staple."

Why drink wine out of a regular cup, when you can sip it (or slug it) out of a cup made just for the fruit of the vine? Class up your party 8- or 14-ounce wine cups. Yes, you read that right. Wine cups. With stems, even.

There also is a 15-ounce margarita cup and a 12-ounce cocktail cup. If your soirée involves shots, you might consider the investing in the 2-ounce shot cups.

"This little guy will surely amuse guests at your next gathering," the Red Cup Living website reads.

If you want to make sure your guests don't lose track of their cute little red shot cups, there's a version with lanyards, making the shot cups the ultimate party accessory.

There's even a magnetic bottle opener -- with or without a lanyard.

Are you coffee drinkers feeling a bit left out? Don't. With you in mind, Red Cup Living has come up with a 12-ounce coffee mug cup. And, of course, there's the standard 18-ounce iconic cup. That one has a 32-ounce big brother.

Available online April 10, these classy cups run between $4 and $10 each.

That might sound pricey until you consider the fact that they are reusable and dishwasher safe. This not one-and-done disposable partyware. It's meant to be used again and again -- "the first ever reusable and dishwasher safe red cups," according to Red Cup Living.

The cups are break-resistant and Earth-friendly. They do not contain BPA or phthalates. And while the disposable red cups are not recyclable, Red Cup Living says its cups are.

Founded in 2011, Red Cup Living shipped its first products in June 2012. Now it has made over pretty much every aspect of the beloved red party cup. Everything, of course, except its inherent red cupness and all that goes with it.

"We are not just selling products -- we are offering a fun lifestyle," the husband-and-wife team say of their company.

The cocktail, margarita, coffee, shot and wine cups are the newest additions to the Red Cup Living product line.

Red Solo Cup -- Toby Keith

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