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Sea Life Arizona
SEA LIFE's Crazy for Coral event (March 8th-24th) is a great way to spend this spring break, with fun activities for the whole family.
Guests can also take advantage of a great deal on SEA LIFE Arizona Annual Memberships through March 31st. Through the end of the month Annual Passes are just $35!

"Crazy for Coral Spring Break Event"
March 9th-24th

Kids Banking tips:
First Fidelity Bank, Biltmore Location, 6232 N. 32nd St.,
Ages 3-5: You have to have money to buy things. For young children, it is important to keep financial lessons simple and engaging. Explaining what you are doing when paying for everyday objects helps make the connection between exchanging money for goods. Getting their help counting out dollar bills or showing how many pennies make up a larger coin are just a few activities that can help demonstrate how money works and its value.

· Ages 6-10: You have to make choices about how you spend your money. As children mature, you can have more advanced discussions about money, including why it is good to shop around for the best deal or how you can protect and invest your money for the long-term. They may need help setting up a savings account and understanding why it is important to think both long and short-term about ways to spend money wisely.  

· Ages 11-13: Start saving what you earn. The more money you save, the more you will have in the long run. This age group often finds itself with money to burn due to allowances, chores or monetary gifts. It is important to talk about ways to spend wisely now, while also setting some aside for a future purchase. When you are ready to make a purchase, discuss how to practice safe spending, especially if buying something online. According to the Identity Theft Resource Center, identity theft continues to be one of the fastest growing crimes in the United States. This is also a great age for discussing how accidents and emergencies in the future are inevitable and potentially costly, and the importance of savings.

· Ages 14-18: College is expensive so work together to compare costs and set a budget. Even with student loans, college is a significant financial investment. Selecting a college is a great opportunity to discuss financial implications of various options, and also to prepare for any upcoming responsibilities such as managing a debit or credit card responsibly. It is important to remember that credit cards do not replace cash. If you do not have the cash to pay for an item, it is not wise to make the purchase. Credit card debt is easy for a college student to get, but can be very difficult to overcome.

· Ages 18 and above: Form responsible budgeting habits early. The cost of living rises the older you get, which is why the lessons of budgeting and using credit responsibly are critical for laying a solid financial foundation. Credit cards can become a burden on top of other expenses like college, rent, gas, car insurance and recreational spending. Health insurance is another expense that should be considered as young adults become more independent. Helping young adults develop these life skills will pay dividends for the rest of their lives.

Heidi Powell
Top 3 Sexy Shoulder Exercises
**Shoulder is made up of 3 different parts: the front delt, the lateral delt, and rear delt. We're going to hit all three parts to sculpt the perfect shoulder caps.

1. Push up (front delt)
2. Over-head press (or handstand pushup) (lateral delt)
3. Rear Delt Raises

Complete 4 sets of 15 of each exercise. Throw this workout into the mix 2 days a week to start building your perfect shoulders!

For more information visit the website at or @RealHeidiPowell.

Phoenix Magazine
With PHOENIX Magazine's first-ever Bucket List issue, editor Craig Outhier highlights the craziest, wildest, most wonderfully once-in-a-lifetime experiences the Valley has to offer. Visit the website at

Goodwill Job Fair
Goodwill of Central Arizona is holding a healthcare job fair.
Thursday, March 14th
12pm -3pm
Phoenix Mariott in Mesa (central and University)
Job openings include.. care givers.. healthcare administration.. nurses.. behavioral health.. and more.

Teacher Job Fair
Phoenix union high school district is searching for more than a hundred teachers this fall. The district is holding a job fair on thursday morning at metro tech high school from eight to ten
Event Details:
Thursday, March 14th
8am - 10am
Metro Tech High School, 900 W Thomas Rd Phoenix, AZ 85015

Free Pizza
Giant Rustic Pizza is offering a free slice and Pepsi today through Wednesday.
You can stop by before the store opens between 10 a.m. and 11a.m.
Giant Rustic Pizza
14626 N. Frank Lloyd Blvd.
Scottsdale, AZ 85260
(Located in the Safeway shopping center on the right side of Safeway)