Fire causes scare at Sky Harbor Airport

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PHOENIX -- There was quite a scare at Sky Harbor Airport on Sunday.
“All of a sudden I just saw firefighters coming here,” said Jaden Collins.

Collins and his dad had just left Chelsea's Kitchen when a fire broke out.

“Everybody had to try and run and get out of there,” Collins recalled.
You couldn't see the flames, but the smoke and the smell was enough to tell something was definitely wrong.
“It smelled like burnt rubber," said Ron Collins. "The smell became nastier and nastier."
It turned out to be a grease fire that firefighters were able to put out quickly without it spreading. The damage it caused to this popular and fairly new restaurant to terminal four was minimal.

While it disrupted brunch, nobody got hurt.

“I'll take something like this over what could've been a lot worse if you think about when the alarms are going off at the airport,” said Ron Collins.