Dangerous Internet trend: 'Knife Game Song'

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A dangerous stunt as gone viral on YouTube. It's called the "Knife Game Song."

It’s a dangerous game where kids use a knife and their hands. One of their hands is palm down on a surface while they use the other hand to stab the knife in between their fingers at a quick pace.

The goal is to sing “The Knife Song” and miss hitting their fingers with the knives.

Matthew Blades: The Knife Song EXPOSED!!

One video posted by Norweigian girl, Hanna Fylling Ellingseter, got more than 350,000 hits, and posts like it have been uploaded like wildflower.

Ellingset’s video has been removed after copyright claims from another Youtube user, Rusty Cage, who argues he created “The Knife Song.”

HuffPost Comedy reacted to the Knife song that’s trending on YouTube saying:

"While the song and Ms. Ellingseter's daring are infectious, we don't want to see hospitals all over the world crowded with people who are missing digits after trying to create the next big YouTube parody. So let's just enjoy the "Knife Song" for the dangerous work of art that it is and let it go. Or if you must parody it, use something other than a knife for your creative spin. Try "The Feather Song" or "The Loaf Of Bread Song" or "The Imagine I'm Holding A Real Knife Song."

Mix 969’s Matthew Blades played audio of the song and explained the game surrounding it. In the video above, he talks about the outrage it’s incited with some parents, some of his listeners.