Twin engines - Marcus Morris aiding Suns attack

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PHOENIX -- Morris twin powers activate.

Five games into his Suns career it appears Marcus Morris has found a home.

It makes sense considering the Suns are his family -- literally. A bond between twin brothers is time tested and Marcus’s reunion with his twin brother and former high school and college teammate Markieff has proved to be good for his soul – and his game.

“When we’re together we push each other,” Marcus said Tuesday after Suns practice. “We both play hard, bring a lot of intensity and we both love to win.”

Marcus, the 14th overall pick by the Houston Rockets in the 2011 NBA Draft, wasn’t exactly languishing on the Rockets bench. He had plenty of nights playing major minutes and scoring points.

But with Marcus and Markieff together again, this time in Phoenix, Marcus feels he’s found strength -- a brotherly muse that brings out the best in both.

“If it’s not scoring, it’s defending and grabbing rebounds,” Marcus said. “We help each other out and that’s what we’ll continue to do.”

Marcus has played a big role in the Suns recent winning streak, scoring 11 points in a win at San Antonio and 16 points in last Friday’s win over Atlanta.

The 23-year old forward credits head coach Lindsey Hunter with Morris's fluid transition into the Suns system.

“Anytime you have a coach who played the game or is fresh from the game it’s a lot of help,” Marcus said. “He’s a great coach for me.”

Markieff's scoring has increased too since Marcus’s arrival. It’s a pairing that holds great possibilities for the Suns as the franchise builds for the future.

“This is just the beginning,” Marcus said. “We got a lot more to come.”