Best cars for good gas mileage

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By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey
By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey

PHOENIX -- The recent spike at the gas pumps is almost enough to make you rethink what you're driving.

Gas prices have gone up nearly 60 cents in the past month. And that has drivers wondering which cars get the best gas mileage.

Jim Prueter from Triple A Arizona gave Good Morning Arizona's Gina Maravilla some tips on cars that are more practical at the pump.

He says the answer may not be a hybrid. "Hybrids are fantastic if you look at their great gas mileage," says Prueter. "But  the biggest competition for hybrids are gasoline-engine cars that are now getting almost hybrid-like gas mileage."

For example, the new Toyota Prius C gets a combined MPG of 50 and has a starting price of $18,950.  But a better plan is to go with the $13,600 Kia Rio hatchback, which gets a combined 34 MPG. Kia's lower price means you would have to own the Prius C for a good 10 years to make it a better buy.

A second pick for a good gas saver? The Mazda 2. "It's small; very diminutive car," Prueter says. "It's small, but it drives big. We like it a lot. And that's going to get you close to 40 MPG on the highway also."

Another good choice is the Honda Fit. "Roomy, kind of like a station wagon," Prueter tells us. "Really good mileage, about 35 MPG. And you can get that car for well under $15,000."

Other vehicles on AAA's fuel sippers list are the VW Golf TDI, Chevy Cruise, Ford Mustang.

You can get more information about the cars and their reviews, you can visit the Triple A website.