Better workouts through music

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By Jennifer Thomas By Jennifer Thomas

PHOENIX -- It may be just what you need to tune up your workout -- music.

But not just any music. Finding the right playlist is turning into a workout essential.

Step into Rhythm Cycle in Scottsdale and you will hear the beat of “Sail” by Awolnation, “Wobble” by V.I.C. or Eminem’s “C’mon Let Me Ride.”

Workout fanatic Danielle Goldstein said that is why she comes here.

"I'm a spinning connoisseur,” she said.

But it is not just the spinning.

“I always run up to the instructors and ask, 'Oh, what song did you play, the third one, when we were climbing and can I have it?'“ she said.

Classmate Kerry Tishuck said that is why she comes as well.

“It is actually for the music,” Tishuck agreed.

“It allows riders to be able to stay on point, where they need to be,” Rhythm Cycle founder Lisa Larson said.

Larson is riding a trend where you could say spinmasters on the bike are becoming spinmasters of music.

“So you do have a little bit of a platform where you can introduce new songs and let people kind of glimpse into your world and what motivates you,” she said.

It turns out, from workouts like Zumba to spin boutiques around the country, people are choosing where they work out based on the soundtrack.

Tishuck said she will drive out of the way for the right mix.

“I have taken spin at various places and the music is what sets the pace for the class and keeps you motivated to come back,” she said.

But, Goldstein said it's not just about music you like, it's finding music that works “because right when you feel like you can't move any more, that song comes on and takes you to that next level you didn't think you could get to.”

Larson said there is a method to the music.

“So if you have a very upbeat tempo, it literally raises your heart rate and you respond to it by actually your calories burn more,” she said.

She said her instructors are trained to find mixes that take you through a full workout most effectively.

“When you are putting together your playlist you are focusing on what type of ride am I going to create today for my riders," Larson said. "So you want to have spikes where the music will increase and you will perform at a higher level. at a higher RPM if you will, or cadence and then also as you are cooling down. It is equally important. And doing your breathing exercises and making sure you have the right song to lower the heart rate, just as you put in a lot of emphasis to raise the heart rate.“

Each instructor has their own playlist and each song has its own workout routine.

The result, say these spinners, is a better workout and as Tishuck says, a chance to leave with a song in your heart.

“I try to memorize all the songs or ask them after," she said. "I'm always trying to Google it or find it on YouTube.”

Gyms and spin boutiques are now posting their playlists online. Zumba even has a series of albums filled with songs from their workout routines. In fact, for many people, workout instructors have also become DJs.

Here is one Larson designed especially for It is for a medium-intensity walk.

ARTIST                                        SONG                                       LENGTH

Vampire Weekend                       I'm Going Down (iTunes Session)   3:04
Imagine Dragons                         On Top of the World                       3:12 
The Hit Crew                                Hey Ya!                                          3:45 
Phillip Phillips                               Home                                             3:29  
Feist                                            1234                                               3:09  
Peter Gabriel                               Solsbury Hill                                    4:21  
Estelle                                         Do My Thing (feat. Janelle Monáe)  3:28 
Yes                                              Owner of a Lonely Heart                  4:30 
Alanis Morissette                         Crazy                                               3:42 
The Verve                                    Bitter Sweet Symphony                   5:58 
Neon Trees                                  Everybody Talks                              2:57 
Eric Church                                  Springsteen                                    4:23
Rolling Stones                              Under My Thumb                            3:43 
Mashups:Lynyrd Skynyrd Vs. Nelly  Sweet Home Country Grammar   4:27
OneRepublic                                 Feel Again                                     3:06 
Billy Joel                                        It's Still Rock and Roll to Me           2:57

And here is a spinning workout from instructor Adam at Rhythm Cylce:

Never Let you go... Third Eye Blind
Doom and Gloom... Rolling Stones
I Love It (Solidisco Remix)... Icona Pop
Space Jam... Space Jam Soundtrack
Sail... Awolnation
Locked Out of Heaven... Bruno Mars
Don’t Stop the Party... Chani and Paulette
Dare... Gorrilaz
Tongue Tied... Grouplove
Wobble... VIC
Sex on Fire... Kings of Leon