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Vee Quiva Hotel and Casino Job Fair
The hotel is looking to hire 150 employees. The job fair will be held March 26th at the Boys and Girls Club Komatke Branch, 5047 W. Pecos Road in Laveen. Vee Quiva will be focusing its efforts on food and beverage positions, and expects to offer positions the same day. The fair will be held from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Greater Phoenix Job Fair
This event is free to the public and will have over 500 job positions available. For more information go to
Event details:
March 18th, 2013
Phoenix Airport Marriott
1101 N. 44th Street
Phoenix, AZ 85008

greatest job in the world:
Applications for the competition can be found at or You'll also be asked to submit a 30-second video explaining why you're the right candidate for the role.
The closing date is April 10 and the successful applicants will be expected to take up their positions on
August 1, sharing their experiences with regular blogs and social media updates.

 World Baseball Classic
For more information on teams that are playing in Phoenix, along with schedules and ticket prices, go to

Gas-saving Tips from AAA Arizona
AAA's five fuel sipping tips:

1. Avoid additives

2. Choose the right ride -- consider public transit, carpool or if you have two cars change to the most fuel efficient one.

3. Combine errands

4. Change your driving -- save 5 to 33 percent by avoiding speeding, aggressive accelerating and braking. This can result in savings of 19 cents to $1.24/gallon.

5. Track your mileage -- know what your consumption looks like tank to tank. If you notice a significant drop in what you're getting, that's a red flag that something may be wrong under the hood.

AAA's tip to switching to a newer, more fuel efficient car:

Do the math. You might find yourself paying a lot more up front for better mileage only to find out the initial high cost will take years to recoup down the road. For example, one new hybrid gets a combined MPG of 50 and has a starting price of $18,950. But an idea would be to go with the $13,600 car that gets a combined 34 MPG. The lower price means you would have to own the hybrid a good 10 years to make it a better buy.

Other vehicles on AAA's fuel sippers list: VW Golf TDI, Ford Mustang, Honda Fit, Mazda 2 and Chevrolet Cruze Eco.

If you're interested in one of these fuel sippers give AAA Car Buying a call. This is a free service AAA offers as one of our many automotive solutions.

Chore App
My Job Chart, based in Scottsdale, is a free, easy to use, online and mobile chore chart and reward system designed to teach, organize and motivate kids to save, share and spend responsibly. For more information on My Job Chart, visit