Woman says sport bike business owner kept her $5,700

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By Jennifer Thomas By Jennifer Thomas

PHOENIX -- A Phoenix woman said her motorcycle was stolen and even after it was recovered by police, she was victimized a second time.

So, she contacted 3 On Your Side for help.

The good news is she got her motorcycle back.

But after taking it to a body shop in Peoria and paying the business owner almost $6,000 up front, the business owner kept all of the money and took off.

"I love to ride. It gives you freedom. Gives you freedom. It makes you feel good," said Nicole Hagstrom, who likes the feel of her motorcycle but won't be riding it anytime soon.

"It was stolen," Hagstrom said. "They cut three different locks to take it. That was in November."

When it was finally discovered by police, the sport bike was wrecked.

"I cried. I did. I cried," Hagstrom said.

Hagstrom had the bike delivered to a Peoria body shop called Psykotic Cykles owned by a guy named Joe Ciappi.

Ciappi had a pretty convincing sales pitch on YouTube.

"Bring your bike down, we do everything like oil changes and modifications," the video promised.

Hagstrom said her insurance company gave Ciappi $5,700 to repair her mangled motorcycle but as soon as Ciappi pocketed the money, Hagstrom said he closed up shop and vanished.

"Oh, I'm very upset and frustrated. I've done everything I can to try to find where he's at," Hagstrom said.

Ciappi eventually abandoned Hagstrom's wrecked motorcycle at a business near his old shop.
However, Hagstrom said he kept the $5,700.
So, 3 On Your Side went looking for Ciappi and discovered he rents a house just off Carefree Highway and 14th Street in North Phoenix.

We tried several times to get someone to answer but never did.

However, we do know we were at the right house because there was a sign posted that said, "Home of Joe Ciappi, Head Trouble Maker."

3 On Your Side noticed the self-proclaimed head trouble maker sure did have a lot motorcycles on his property, but we already knew that Hagstrom's wrecked bike had been returned.
After digging into his background a little more, 3 On Your Side discovered Ciappi has had scrapes with the law and currently has significant financial problems including a $44,000 judgment against him.
He's also $12,000 behind in child support.
Hagstrom said Ciappi's troubled life shouldn't be her problem and she's disgusted she can't get her $5,700 back.

"No, there is no excuse for that," Hagstrom said.

Hagstrom has filed a police report so we'll see where that goes.

In the meantime, Hagstrom is out $5,700 and continues to make payments on a wrecked motorcycle she can't even drive.