Geotechnical engineers examining damaged portion of US 89

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US 89 By Andrew Michalscheck US 89 By Andrew Michalscheck

PHOENIX -- The Arizona Department of Transportation has plans to repair the portion of the US 89 that was damaged by a landslide last week, but before any repairs start a team of geotechnical engineers will need to evaluate the area.

ADOT said this week that they need to determine if the mountain slope has stabilized before they begin any repair efforts.

The agency has received environmental clearance, so their team of engineers can now start drilling shafts in order to deploy inclinometers into the ground.

Inclinometers are plastic pipes that can measure the slope of a location.

“This week we know we had an event (on Feb. 20) with a landslide and it’s not a typical landslide,” said Steve Boschen, ADOT deputy state engineer of design. “It’s a deep-seated bedrock type slip. We are looking at somewhere between 100 and 150 feet and that’s why we have 10 inclinometers installed right now.”

ADOT is also using tools such as extensometers and a three-dimensional laser scanner called LiDAR to evaluate the area.

Approximately 500 feet of the US 89 suffered damage in the landslide. The road remains closed, and there is no timetable for when it might be reopened.

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