Owner of car used in police chase tries to get life back to normal

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

BLACK CANYON CITY, Ariz. -- Behind every stolen car is a miffed owner, and Thursday the guy who bought this Honda Civic is wondering what happened to his formerly quiet life.

"Really calm life, I teach math...not the most exciting subject in school," said Richard Leistner.

But a sort of excitement has plagued him for the last 72 hours, starting Tuesday morning in Tempe.

"I was headed to work in the morning and I took out my trash, turned to head for my car...it wasn't there," he said.

The next time he saw it, it was on 3TV, blazing up Interstate 17.

"I kept staring at the screen like is that really my car? A real surreal moment," he said.

It was also frustrating. Just two weeks before, Leistner said he paid more than $1,000 dollars for repairs to keep the car up and running.

"It turned sharply, I figure it helped out the criminals that stole the vehicle," said Leistner

He watched his Civic finally slide off the road and slink down the embankment. On Thursday, Leister was making phone calls to try and see the damage for himself.

"It's actually a lot more work than I thought it'd be, you know?" he said.

And he has just one question for the suspects who created this mess.

"Was it really worth it? I mean, I guess that's what you'd ask every criminal. Was it really worth the consequences you're going to have to follow?" he said.

Police believe Leistner's car is not drivable, but he wants to see if he can repair it before letting the now famous Civic go.