5 Tips to land your dream job

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By Jennifer Thomas By Jennifer Thomas

PHOENIX -- The days of posting your résumé on company websites is over. If you want to land a job, you have to develop an effective search strategy. 3TV recently caught up with John Hill at the W.P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University.  

"You want to connect with the right people in this space," Hill said.

Space that according to Hill can be used to land your dream job if you know how to use it.

"Social media is not going to go away so if you're not accessing it in a professional level, then you probably want to start to apply it now," Hill said.

Hill is a higher education evangelist who travels the country sharing his expertise with students.

Jack Jeng is currently enrolled in the MBA program at ASU.

"What really struck for me was building the network, the quality network, now before I need it," Jeng said.

Which is tip No. 1. Start your search now, don't wait until you graduate.

As Jeng points out, "I know that I probably won't be calling on them any time soon but it's great to learn from them and maybe in the future we can help each other out."

Tip No. 2, create a personal brand online.

"If you aren't starting to define your personal brand online, then you are starting to miss an opportunity to connect with employers who are sourcing out candidates in that space," Hill explained.

With a personal brand established, tip No. 3 is making connections. This means identifying people with similar experiences.

"As you break into that information, you can start to see the alumnae by where they live, where they work and what they do," Hill said.

Jeng said technology makes the process extremely easy.

"You can do the things in seconds which would have took hours previously, which to me is really amazing," he said.

Tip No. 4, part of your personal brand means advertising your skill set.

"People can search or relate to your skills, to your expertise and give you credit in the social sphere that you have those abilities which allows for recruiters, it allows for companies to see those folks that they might want to attach to based on an online audience saying this person has this expertise, this skill set," Hill said.

The biggest tip of all, don't come across desperate.

"By asking for advice instead of asking for a job, it generally leads to the same place but it's easier for people to digest and help you out," Hill advised.