Scottsdale considering new rules for pedicabs

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. -- The city of Scottsdale held an information meeting Wednesday to discuss pedicabs and how to keep them safe.
On Jan. 4, police said a drunk driver rammed into a pedicab on Scottsdale Road after the Fiesta Bowl.

Two Kansas State fans riding in the back of the pedicab, Michael Tyzver and Cody Clark, were rushed to the hospital.
Now the city of Scottsdale is considering new regulations that might make pedicabs safer.
“We don’t want them to go away,” said Walt Brodzinski, Right of Way Manager for the city of Scottsdale.  “We want them to obey the law, have the right equipment and provide a safe environment for passengers.”
The city has drafted an ordinance that would require pedicabs to carry a million dollar insurance policy.

It would also require all operators to wear a safety vest and have a valid driver’s license. All equipment would also have to have reflectors, lights and brakes.
Jack Khanisho, who operates a horse drawn carriage in Old Town, said it’s only fair.
“I mean we have to have insurance for running the horse so they should have the same thing because they’re liable for whoever gets in their vehicle," said Khanisho.
Billy O has been operating pedicabs for the last 20 years. He said Phoenix adopted similar regulations several years ago.
“Those of us who are legitimate business owners and operate in Scottsdale are very much enthused. We really want to see them put regulations through,” said Billy O. Still he warns, "getting hit by a drunk driver isn’t an equipment issue.”
Tourists who like to hop on the back of these pedicabs agree.
“The problem is the drunks absolutely not the pedicab,” said Andrew Koslow.
“It’s wise to have some level of regulations and oversight,” said Joe Legare.
The city will be voting on the proposed ordinance March 19. Click here to view a draft of the ordinance.

The family of Cody Clark released this statement regarding the pending pedicab ordinance:

"Having dealt with the aftermath of the accident involving my brother Cody Clark and his friend Michael Tysver, I fully support the idea of Scottsdale placing an ordinance for pedi-cabs.

Pedi-cabs offer a convenient alternative to drunk driving, and by all means are the safer choice, but not when there are no regulations for them or the cars sharing the road. No family should have to experience what we have, and it's worth the time and effort to place an ordinance in the area if it could prevent future accidents.

Drunk driving is a selfish choice that not only involves the intoxicated driver, but innocent lives and families.

Most people think solely about DUI's when it comes to drunk driving- I look at it in a whole new light now and wish people would realize the possibility of not only harming themselves, but others as well.

--Ashley Clanton