What you need to know before getting laser hair reduction

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PHOENIX -- Laser hair reduction isn’t as simple as it sounds.

As the founder and operator of Esthetic Advisor Laser Academy®, I stress safety and science. I've been in the laser industry for 10 years and I believe that if you can’t do it safely and don’t understand the science, you shouldn’t be doing it.

Laser hair reduction treatments have become so commonplace, the misconception is that anyone can do it. As a longtime expert witness in laser lawsuits around the country, I can’t stress enough the importance of understanding how and why each laser works.

There are a ton of deals out there, but that does not mean the offered treatments are good. As with any other purchase, buyer beware.

Before undergoing any treatment, be sure to ask questions about the laser technician's training. Also, look for proper certifications and ask about the machine being used. Not every machine is safe for every skin type, and not every hair color can be treated effectively.

Many of the problems I've seen -- burns, blisters and even permanent skin color changes -- have come from the wrong machine being used on the wrong skin type.

Another question you need to ask is about pain. On a scale of one to 10, it shouldn't be more than a five.

You'll also want to ask about the machine's cooling system because every machine should have one.

Bottom line: If you can’t get your questions answered to your satisfaction, reconsider having the treatment done.

It's not all on the technician's shoulders, however. You need to stay out of the sun and be honest about your sun exposure. It can make a major difference in your treatment.

Finally, if your technician is promising complete hair removal, that should be a red flag. The procedure is called hair reduction. It will take care of about 80 percent of your unwanted hair in the treated area.

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