4 Commonly missed tax deductions + 3 little-known deductions

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By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland

PHOENIX -- With less than two months until Tax Day, now is the time to pull all of those receipts together and fill out your forms.

According to CPA Shauna Wekherlien, aka the Tax Goddess, some deductions that could work in your favor are often missed. It comes down to some very basic questions.

"If the preparer doesn't ask these questions, they'll miss it," Wekherlien said.

1. Sales tax on big-ticket items

2. Medical expenses
"At the federal level you have to beat that 7.5 percent limit to be able to deduct it, but not at the state level," Wekherlien explained. "There is no limit at the state level so even your $10 copay to your doctor once a year can be a deduction for you."

3. Charity contributions
"The thing most people miss is that when you buy a membership to certain organizations like the art museum downtown, the Phoenix Zoo, a lot those, a section of that membership is actually considered a contribution." Wekherlien says you should check your receipt and any membership documents to see what portion of the fee might be deductible.

4. For teachers: Up to $250 for supplies

Little-known deductions

1. For women -- Dog used for protection
"If you're going out for your job … if you have a dog that is taller than your knee at shoulder height and he or she is trained … -- basic kind of training -- you can actually deduct your dog as protection for you."

2. Well-woman exams

3. Cosmetic procedures for stage performers


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