Estranged wife of man who admitted to arson speaks to 3TV

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By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland

PHOENIX -- He claimed he set fire to his estranged wife’s house because she was cheating.  Now the estranged wife is talking to 3TV to fire back at his claims.

“I was sickened that he can give interviews and still violate me,” Patricia Schooley said after watching her estranged husband’s jailhouse interview Monday afternoon.

Police arrested Gary Noel on Saturday and booked him on charges of arson, burglary, endangerment and violating an order of protection.

“If my wife wouldn’t have cheated on me, it wouldn’t have happened,” Noel told our cameras as deputies led him into jail.

During an interview on Monday, he again admitted to arson.

“I tried to burn her house down.  I broke into her house and burned her house, because she left me with nothing.  I want to leave her with nothing,” said Noel.

Schooley responded Monday night, telling 3TV she’s not a cheater; she’s a victim.

“I kicked him out the second he laid a hand on a hand on me,” she said.

Schooley said she obtained a restraining order against Noel last year. During an interview with detectives, Noel admitted to violating the court order by going to her house to get his belongings.

Schooley said she’s not sure how he obtained the address of the home she was renting.  She believes it may have been left in court paperwork.  She said the court is currently trying to determine how that happened. 

Fortunately, no one was home at the time of the fire, so no people were hurt.  However, a cat did not make it out of the house.

Schooley is just thankful she and her children were away for the weekend.

“I was up at 4:30 this morning thinking my bed was on fire,” said Schooley through tears. 
“How do I explain this to my sons?”

Schooley told 3TV she fears for her life, now more than ever.

“Every day I put my hand on that doorknob, “Am I coming back home, Lord?”

Raw video: Arson suspect's jailhouse interview

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