Officer dragged while making DUI stop

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

PHOENIX -- At around 12:30 Sunday morning, a suspected impaired driver was pulled over by Phoenix police.

“The individual that was being investigated ran back to his car, the officer followed. What happened after that was the officer held onto the driver while the driver drove down the road in an attempt to get away,” said Lt. Mandy Faust with the Phoenix Police Department.

Dragging the officer, the suspect went two blocks, hit a vehicle, a fence, another officer trying to help, and eventually a tree near 34th Place and Glenrosa Ave.

All the action woke a neighbor up.

“I came to look out the window and I just heard screaming and yelling and within seconds I just saw the whole street flooded with cops,” said the neighbor.

At one point police said both the initial officer and the suspected impaired driver were thrown from the vehicle.

Both went to the hospital with the officer initially in serious condition, but quickly upgraded to good condition.

The condition of the driver has not yet been reported.

The other officer we’re told suffered minor injuries. So far, no names have been released.