Jodi Arias trial: Phoenix lawyer says prosecution should avoid 'minefields'

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By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland

PHOENIX -- After days of listening to accused murderer Jodi Arias answer questions posed by her defense team, prosecutor Juan Martinez was finally able to ask some questions of his own Thursday as he launched aggressive cross examination.

Arias and Martinez traded barbs as she struggled to explain why she can recall precise details of her life from years earlier, yet can't remember crucial aspects of the murder case against her.

"I think overall he did well, although there are some minefields that he should be avoiding, in my view," criminal defense attorney Julio Laboy said of the prosecutor's line of questioning Friday morning. "One is coming out too aggressively."

According to Laboy, Martinez runs the risk of alienating members of the jury or even generating sympathy for her.

Some say Arias seemed to be almost enjoying the face-off with Martinez.

"Talk about courtroom drama. She did seem to be enjoying it," Laboy said. "If you noticed, there was even a runaway smirk from time to time.

"Juan is doing it right," he continued. "He's still pressing forward. I think he has a game plan; he's sticking to it. But he's a seasoned prosecutor. He's done this a long time. ... When he trips her up, everybody's going to know it."

Martinez will continue his cross examination of Arias Monday.

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The Associated Press contributed to this report.