Here today, gone tomorrow: Winter storm leaves a mark across Arizona

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

PHOENIX -- Spring Training is what Phoenix in February's all about, and Thursday the Arizona Diamondbacks got a workout at Papago Park.

They should have been at Salt River Fields, but an early morning email from the Dbacks president, Derick Hall, changed things.

"He sent and email saying 'I've always wanted to say this...everybody go home for a snow day!'" said Josh Rawich, Senior VP of Communications for the team. "We thought he was kidding, but we came outside and sure enough the place was covered in snow!"

Whether you call it snow or graupel, not much melting happened between Wednesday's storm and Thursday's practice. So the team moved warm-ups down to Papago, followed by plenty of confused fans.

"We came for Spring Training and unfortunately yesterday it was snowing!" said Bill Cardaras, visiting the park with the rest of his family from Chicago. "We brought the weather with us!"

We sure looked more like the Midwest during the worst of Thursday's storm. Down at Marana, on the course at the Accenture Golf Championship, thick heavy snowflakes fell for hours.

It blanketed the grounds overnight, but some play resumed, with only a little bit of shoveling left to do.

Back up in Phoenix, some 24 hours later, the Loop 101 is a different world. Wednesday, it looked like you needed four wheel drive to stay in your lane, but Thursday, it was smooth sailing.

The storm is now just a memory, but they'll be talking about this one for a long time.

"My daughter was so excited because she bugged me all last winter when it was going to snow because they studied it at school, and she got to go outside and have a snowball fight with her brother on the trampoline!" said Kathy Visser.