Mesa detective shoots woman who refuses to drop weapon

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By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey

MESA -- A Mesa woman was shot and wounded after she reportedly pointed a gun at a police officer.

It happened Wednesday at a retirement community near Recker and University in Mesa.  

Police say Detective Donald Williams went to to the home of 52 year old Nannette Johnson to serve a warrant for a DUI.

"The officer made the initial contact, and it seemed as if things were going okay," Mesa Police Detective Steve Berry says.

But Williams, a nine year veteran of the Mesa police department, reported that after Johnson answered the door, she said that she did not want to go to jail, and darted inside the house.

Williams says he followed her inside, and saw her grab a semi-automatic handgun.

"When they were walking through the house, the female was able to obtain a handgun," Berry says.

Williams says he ordered her to drop the weapon, but she didn't comply.

Police say Williams continued to follow her through the house and out the back door, repeating commands to drop the weapon.

Once outside the back door, Williams says Johnson pointed the gun at him, so he fired one shot at her.

"As she began making movements with the gun, our officer did fire upon her, and she was hit and did go down at that point," Berry says.

Johnson was transported to Scottsdale Memorial Hospital, where she underwent surgery.

She is said to be in stable condition.