Stanton urges delegation to avoid sequestration

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By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland

PHOENIX (AP) -- Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton is calling on Arizona's congressional delegation to work in a bipartisan fashion with other members of Congress to avoid the impending federal budget cuts known as sequestration.

Stanton says in a letter to the delegation that sequestration would have crushing fiscal effects on the Phoenix area.

He says thousands of high-wage jobs in the defense industry would be at risk and that education and health care programs would see major funding cuts.

He says those cuts could cost thousands of additional jobs and reduce important services.

“This is more than just a deadline — it is our economic livelihood in Phoenix and in our state,” Stanton said in a news release. “If our Arizona delegation works together with other members of Congress, we could avoid another recession and keep moving forward toward a stronger economic future. ... I’m hopeful that once they understand the devastating impact on our local economy, they will work together to find a solution.”

Stanton’s letter gave the Congressional delegation an arsenal of reasons to work together to stop sequestration, including sequestration impacts on Arizona:

  • 49,000 high-wage defense industry jobs will be at risk
  • 14,000 jobs lost from 30 health, education and employment programs
  • $15.2 million cut from early childhood education and 1,517 children unable to participate in Head Start
  • $85.9 million cut from education and 27,367 poor and at-risk students will lose services provided by Title I grants
  • $3.6 million cut from health care and more than 100,000 women and children would lose services on pregnancy outcomes, infant health, and assisting children with special health-care needs.
  • $6.6 million cut from workforce programs and 29,465 adults will not receive job training placement services
  • $5.7 million cut from community services and 508 victims of domestic violence will not get services or shelter

The official deadline for sequestration is March 1.

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