Wild Arizona weather highlighted by 'thunder graupel'

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

PHOENIX -- I’m not sure that "thunder graupel" is an official weather term, but I saw someone describing the weather in Mesa tweet this. 

Yes, there was graupel falling from the sky, essentially snow pellets or soft hail, and there was thunder. So why not? Thunder Graupel.

Wednesday was a very wild weather day around Arizona and the Valley.

In the metro Phoenix area, we received up to 1 inch of rain in some locations, though most areas were far below that.

At Sky Harbor Airport, we got .23 inches of rain. But everyone is talking about the coating of graupel in many locations around the Valley. Slush on Valley roads, too.

In the high country, we haven’t seen really huge numbers, but still impressive. Strawberry got 8 to 10 inches of snow. Pine, Munds Park and Clints Well also picked up about 8 inches of snow.

The storm will wind down Wednesday night in the deserts, but continue to produce scattered snow showers through the day on Thursday.

However, any major additional accumulations are not expected.