Six-year-old living his dreams of being a conductor

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SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. -- Most six and seven year olds want toys and games for their birthday. Jonathan Okseniuk wants an orchestra.

It’s no surprise since music has always been a huge part of his life.

“I was born with music,” he said.

His mother noticed this early on.

“He was probably about eight months old when we knew he had a passion for classical music,” said his mother Desiree Okseniuk. “Ever since then he was trying to conduct in my arms…and once he started walking everything became conducting.”

It has been Okseniuk’s dream for many years. And on Tuesday he had a chance to live that dream.

He sat in the audience enthusiastically watching as Robert Moody conducted the Arizona Musicfest orchestra, but it was Moody who became inspired when Okseniuk took the baton and had his own chance to conduct.

“It was really actually inspiring to watch him conduct,” said Moody, who has been conducting for nine years. ”A conductor has to move actually before the music, a conductor has to inspire the music, and he’s doing that already at six years old.”

He is hailed as a child prodigy and watching him in the video above will show you why.

“He did a great job,” said Moody. “He chose his own very definite sense of tempo and how to phrase the piece and the players reacted very well.”

His talents have caught the attention of readers, viewers and critics who follow his progress. The young star even had the chance to appear on “Anderson”.

And his mother and father continue to support their son as he follows his passion.

“We try to nurture it and keep him going and that’s kind of hard to do because he needs to be in it 24 hours a day,” said his mother. “But between the violin and piano and his composing and conducting he’s in his world and glorious so he’s happy.”