3OYS Update: Lipo Slim customer gets full refund

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By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland

PHOENIX -- An East Valley woman trying to get a refund said she finally did, but only after 3 On Your Side got involved.

This was in regards to a trial offer.

The trial offer was for a weight-loss program and if you didn't like it, you could get your money back.

But that trial offer cost one woman $160 until we got involved.

"I'm very happy thank you, thank you," said Linda Lindquist,  who is a lot happier to have her money back now.

"I have $200," Lindquist said.

When Lindquist was first profiled in a 3 On Your Side report, she was frustrated. She came across a weight-loss product called Lipo Slim and decided to try their trial offer just to see if she liked it.

"They promised results and I have a few spots that I wanted, was hoping this might help," Lindquist said.

Lindquist said she only had to pay two $5 charges for the shipping and handling of two bottles. But after the products arrived, Lindquist said she immediately mailed them back.
Still, Lindquist said she was charged an additional $80 a bottle for a total of $160 bucks, even though she says she mailed Lipo Slim back within the allotted trial period.

"This isn't morally right.  It's just not morally right," Lindquist said.

In our first report, I talked to a Lipo Slim representative who promised to look into the matter, but wouldn't let me speak to anyone in management.

I also discovered Lipo Slim's headquarters turned out to be nothing more than a mailbox at a Phoenix mail facility.
After that report aired, Lindquist received a strange check from Lipo Slim, it was handwritten and seemed to be on a relatively new bank account.
But, unfortunately, it was only for half of her refund.
So, after contacting the company again Lindquist said a courier showed up at her house, took that handwritten check back, and then gave her a cashier's check for $200.

This was more than what Lindquist was expecting, and certainly enough to put a smile on her face.

"So I'm happy; I think 3 On Your Side is awesome," Lindquist said.

We appreciate the company reimbursing Lindquist but consumer advocates will tell you, trial offers are a great way to try out a product, but they usually benefit the company and you always have to read the fine print.