Trial watchers say Arias testimony is dragging, boring jurors

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By Mike Gertzman By Mike Gertzman

PHOENIX---  After seven full days on the witness stand, defendant Jodi Arias is expected to finally talk about killing her lover, Travis Alexander, Wednesday.

Arias'  testimony has spread out over three weeks, and some courtroom observers say it's dragging.

"By 11:30 Tuesday morning, the jury was bored," attorney Brent Kleinman told 3TV after spending much of the day in court.

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Arias' defense team has gone step-by-step through her nearly two-year relationship with Alexander.  

Kleinman calls the drawn-out testimony "rocky."

"They don't always seem to be on the same page," Kleinman added. "[Arias' attorney] asks her a question, which they should have gone over, and her answer doesn't always match what he wants. You can see him get frustrated with some of her answers."

While some jurors may be eager for the trial to come to an end, the courtroom is still full to capacity each day as family members, press, and members of the public follow every detail.