Dutch software company choses Arizona for stateside headquarters

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By Mike Gertzman By Mike Gertzman

PHOENIX --  It's a long way from the Netherlands to the Valley, but on Tuesday Gov. Jan Brewer welcomed the CEO of a Dutch-based software company to its new home in the United States. Stealth Software announced it will pick one city here in the Valley for its stateside headquarters.

Stealth CEO Gerard Warrens said his company provides cyber security, protecting data for high-profile clients, including science, law-enforcement and government sectors.

So, what sold him on Arizona? Help from the business community to get them up and running ASAP.  

"We could move very, very fast in a short amount of time," Warrens said.

In two to four weeks, he wants to find a building, then start filling some 200 jobs in pre-sales, sales and software development.   

"I think Arizona offers, in a very cost-effective way, a very good talent pool," he said.  

Stealth will be the latest addition to Intel, Dell, Boeing and GoDaddy's technological presence in Arizona.  

"That very much helps. I mean it's that critical mass that you need and at some point it's going to explode," said F. John Mathis, professor of global finance and banking at Thunderbird School of Global Management.  

Mathis says these are the companies everyone is fighting for in this tough economy. They're young, but with the ability to grow as the technology does.

"These are 200 high-paying, high tech jobs. They require a lot of skill, background knowlege, and that makes a statement to the industry in general that they decided to relocate to Arizona," Mathis said. 

Warrens says he's in talks with several Valley cities about a location and hopes to pick a building in the next few weeks.