Local doctor offers tips on wellness through energy healing

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By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey
By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey

PHOENIX -- Imagine being able to cure your headache without pills, or detoxify your liver without expensive treatments found at health food stores?

Dr. Ann Marie Chiasson  is the author of a new book that examines this concept. The book is called Energy Healing, and many of the concepts are based on breathing and unblocking the body's natural energy flow.

Dr. Chiasson talked to Kaley O'Kelley and Javier Soto on Tuesday's Good Morning America Tuesday about what Energy Healing is all about. She says she was introduced to the idea when she herself was struggling with chronic pain.

"I added in energy practices through movement and hands-on healing,and I ended up getting better," she says. "So I started suggesting it to my patients, and they started liking it."

Chiasson now teaches energy healing, and has been tracking how.other cultures use the techniques.

One technique she uses is called 'Shaking the Bones', which helps clear a person's energy field. "It's very simple. You just hold yourself like a rag doll and you just begin to shake everything out. And as you do this, you envision pumping energy up your legs and out your body."

Another concept to help anxiety is to place both hands on the lower belly. and breathe. "Breathing into these hands grounds you, it pulls the energy in," she explains.