Swim club protests planned pool demolition

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By Jennifer Thomas By Jennifer Thomas

PHOENIX -- A group of Phoenix neighbors met at a church Monday night to form a plan to prevent a unique city site from demolition.

Phoenix Swim Club members and people who live near the Olympic-sized facility near 32nd Street and Campbell Avenue are upset over planned changes to the site.

Brophy bought the sports complex 12 years ago for less than $2 million but would now like to sell it to a developer for nearly $7 million.

The developer reportedly has plans to fill in the pool and build more than 30 new homes on the 10-acre site.

"This neighborhood has always been about children," Brent Rutemiller said. "Kids swim here, Olympians swim here. We've been very proud of that."

Since this is a permitting and zoning issue, city officials will have the final say as to whether homes can replace the pool.

Neighbors have launched a social media campaign on Facebook and the website www.savepsc.com, and plan to gather petitions in an attempt to persuade city officials to keep the special permit on the site as it is, regardless of who owns it.

The Phoenix City Council could rule on the matter in six weeks.