Woman concerned daughter's predator has more victims

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By Jennifer Thomas By Jennifer Thomas

CHANDLER, Ariz. -- He gained the trust of her mother, then drugged and attacked her daughter. In a 3TV exclusive, new details about a horrific assault in the East Valley that took place during a sleepover.

"He gave her marijuana, which she had never done before," the teen's mother said. "He had to blow it in her face because she didn't know how to do it."

The mother, now speaking out but requesting anonymity, said the assault continues to traumatize her 14-year-old daughter.

"It took months of counseling for her to understand I lost my virginity, I lost myself, I lost everything, I lost my innocence to a monster," the girl's mother said.

That monster is Anthony Slaughter.

"In reality, there was a predator lurking inside that home," said Sgt. Joe Favazzo with the Chandler Police Department.

3TV obtained the audio recording Chandler police used to build their case against Slaughter.

SLAUGHTER: "Oh believe me, I enjoyed having sex with you. I'd love to repeat that night. I think about you a lot. You know that right?"

"It's very, very concrete, hard evidence, and it's pretty hard to come back and say well that's not really what I meant," Favazzo said.

In March last year when Slaughter showed up at Sunset Library ready to drug and assault the teen again, Chandler police took him into custody.

"The mere fact that he shows up there gives us probable cause that he was going to go forward with this, his intent was there, his intentions were clear, he's under arrest," Favazzo said.

According to the victim's mother, even after his arrest Slaughter showed no remorse.

"He was completely composed when the detective interviewed him, almost like he was playing games with her," she said.

And the games appeared to continue when Slaughter appeared in Superior Court for his sentencing.

"The courtroom, as I read my statement, and I am in tears and he's looking back at his wife and he's smirking at her," the victim's mother said.

Angela Andrews prosecuted the case against Slaughter.

"So I commented about that to the court," Andrews said.

Earlier this month, a judge sentenced Slaughter to 17 years. But since there is no statute of limitations on these kinds of offenses, the Deputy County Attorney told us, "Evidence from this previous case could be admitted in a trial on any new victims that come forward."

The victim's mom did this interview in hopes of encouraging any other possible victims to come forward. Because it's her belief, "I mean who's to say that when he gets out, he's not going to do it again?"

Court documents show Slaughter has a prior felony conviction. In fact, there was a warrant out for his arrest at the time he sexually assaulted the Chandler teen.

Below is a list of tips Prevent Child Abuse Arizona put together.

1. Invite the friend to your home first.

2. Know the parents hosting the sleepover.

3. Ask them if they will be home and supervising at all times.

4. Find out who if anyone lives in the home, or is likely to visit.

5. Find who the other kids are that are also guests.

6. Communicate your ground rules to your child and the host parent.

7. Before a sleepover, talk to your child about good touch/bad touch, and remind them they can talk to you about anything.

8. Don’t be shy about seeking information, and don’t be shy about saying no if it just doesn’t feel right.

9. Develop a code word to signal a bad situation and have your child call you before bedtime.

10. Remind your child you will be happy to come get them if they are uncomfortable even if it is the middle of the night.

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