Weight loss help: Valley mom invents 'BadSTICK' to curb cravings

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By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland

PHOENIX -- Valentine's Day has come and gone but it's likely there's still plenty of candy around the house taunting you. Ever wish you hadn't eaten that chocolate, those chips, or that big bowl of ice cream? For so many of us, eating well most of the time is simple enough. Putting in our time at the gym is doable, too. But it's those late-night cravings or weekend parties that undo all our hard work and stall the weight-loss progress.

"badSTICK’s unpleasant smell is just enough to change your focus from food. Enough time to make a better choice for your health and drive past the fast food restaurants on every corner."

- Tricia Bryski, Inventor of badSTICK

"A joke among my friends about my own struggles with weight became the inspiration for badSTICK," said Tricia Bryski, a local mom who invented the smelly little cravings stopper. "I realized that all I needed was something to make me feel just a little bit off for a minute so I wouldn't want to shove junk food in my face… kind of like finding a hair in your food."

So Bryski created badSTICK, the magic wand of willpower.

It's a tiny stick with powerful odor that immediately kills the desire for that bad treat you know you shouldn't have. And it works.

Bryski herself, who confesses she's tried nearly every diet gimmick out there, says this is the first thing that has finally worked for her.

BadSTICK contains no drugs and it isn't consumed or injected, so it essentially has no side effects. For those who are sensitive to scent it may cause headaches but so far, even those reports are minimal.

The product sells for $19.99 and is available online. For more information or to purchase badSTICK visit www.goodbadstick.com.