Wash. man creates wine cork mosaic of wife

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BATTLE GROUND, Wash. – A Battle Ground man has come up with a unique way to show his wife some love this Valentine's Day.

Nathan Rebman immortalized his wife Trisha in a mosaic made with thousands of leftover wine corks.

The corks are organized by shade to create depth and,when seen in full view, are a striking representation of her face.

“When I finally got the eyes and mouth right, it worked,” Rebman said. “Definitely the eyes were the hardest part, because you've only got so many corks to work.”

His muse said she was shocked by the intricate Valentine’s Day gift.

“I was really surprised, actually amazed,” she said. “Our kids are huge daddy advocates; they say he can build or make anything. It’s true! I had no idea he could do this.”

Rebman titled the mosaic "2,862 ways that I love her."

It now hangs in the entryway of their Battle Ground home.