Light rail drill to prepare for possible terrorist attack

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

PHOENIX -- “No weapons are allowed in the exercise area,” yelled out Lt. Adrian Ruiz with the Phoenix Police Transit Enforcement Unit.
That's because this emergency at the Metro Operations Center is a fake, a mock accident testing Phoenix rescue crews’ response to a light rail emergency.
“This is our first functional exercise involving a terrorist incident on the public transit system,” said Lt. Ruiz.
The pretend event involved two light rail trains and volunteers inside the cars as injured passengers. 
“If police and fire do not work well together, if they do not practice events like this when the real world scenario occurs we have gaps that we're not prepared for,” said Lt. Ruiz.
A gap they hope to close by holding this exercise.
“It's important for us to be on top of our game to understand how to respond to any kind of emergency that could happen,” said Susan Tierney with Valley Metro.
While this mock emergency involved both on duty and off duty crews, it was all paid for through a $50,000 Federal Transit Security Grant.